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Hi, I’m Sue Howard.

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re a Mom. Or you have a Mom. Me too.

We’re going to be fast friends with all that we have in common.

Between my husband and me we have 2 teens and a tot under our roof. I’m a stepmom to 2, and a mom to one.

I’ve got about 10 years of experience partnering with my husband and the mother of my older two in the raising of our 3 children.

The stepmom role is, by far, the most challenging role I’ve taken on. And the most rewarding.

The year following the birth of my now 4yo, I left my career in hi-tech and  launched Upside down Family Coaching. To leverage my strengths and interest in helping step families overcome obstacles and create a home life that works for them.

Partner with me to replace  resentment with gratitude, and self-sacrifice with self-care.

If I can thrive, you can thrive. All it takes is determination and curiosity.

Here are some ways I can help

Clarify Parenting Roles

Eliminate confusion around the role of step parents and gain support from the biological parents. From there the children develop respect for the step parent’s role enabling the step parent(s) and children to  establish a much needed connection.

Managing Finances

This is a often a sticky topic for step families (and first families!). Together we will hash out the details and come up with a plan to do away with resentment while ensuring needs are met across the board.

Navigate holidays and blend traditions

Develop a strategy for holidays and family traditions to help everyone member of the family feel included.

Nurturing your marriage

I speak from experience when I tell you it’s crazy difficult prioritizing marriage in a step family, and it’s a necessity. The last thing you and your family needs is another divorce. Learn to prioritize your marriage while helping your children deal with the fears this may trigger. In the end, a right side up family, with the marriage on top, is best for everyone.  The process of doing so can be a scary one, but once it’s done anxiety is reduced and security is increased.

Incorporating a new baby

Expanding the family is difficult for first families. Step families have already experienced loss and have a justified fear of abandonment. Learn how to address these fears and support the children in bonding with baby.

Individual coaching for Moms & Stepmoms

It’s impossible to understand just how difficult it is for the female members of a step family, unless you’ve been one. I get it.  From the stepmom feeling left out in her own home to the biological mother fearing the kids will love her more. Our sessions offer a safe space to vent, be validated, and, of course, problem solve.

Some additional details to consider

Location & Phone

Meadow Wind
100 Gray Rd, Suite 3
Falmouth, ME 04105



Individual Coaching: 115/session
Couples Coaching: 175/session
Family Matters Mediation: 175/session

Office Hours

By appointment only. Most in-person sessions occur between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM.  For sessions via phone I’m able to offer more scheduling flexibility

Have questions? Ready to schedule your 1st session? Contact me.

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